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Aluminum is a unique metal; strong, durable, flexible, impermeable and light-weight, it does not rust and is 100 percent recyclable. It comes in a variety of surface finishes and can take many forms, allowing its use in a vast array of products.

Examples of areas where aluminium helps people and the economy to operate effectively and efficiently include air, road, rail and sea transport; food and medicine; packaging; construction; electronics and electricity transmission.

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As a result of strategic partnership between Masharie LLC, the private equity arm of Dubai Investments PJSC, and White Aluminum Enterprises LLC, one of the leading regional groups in aluminum and glazing sector; the year 2007 has witnessed the birth of one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of extruded aluminium products in the region. Since then, White Aluminum Extrusion has aggressively developed a wide range of custom extrusions as well as producing standard shapes and sizes utilized in everyday applications. 

White Aluminum Extrusion is known for producing extruded materials of all sizes and designs; from the simplest to the most complex. Our profiles are commonly utilized in the residential and commercial building industry in a variety of applications ranging from structural components to decorative and architectural elements. 

In addition to the extrusion capabilities, White Aluminum Extrusion provides in-house powder coating to accommodate finishing requirements in a vast range of colors. Utilizing the highest quality paints, WAE ensures long lasting durable finishes for both exterior and interior uses. Whether standard

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White Aluminum Extrusion offers a wide variety of standard as well as commercial profiles:


Innovation System

Our Innovation System is the new answer to the structural glazing and traditional curtain walling systems. The high flexibility of the system offers a vast scale of applications from a single window to skylight, from walling façade to the structural or cladding walling.

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White Aluminum Extrusion is a customer-oriented organization. We believe in keeping good will relation and transparent business deal with our clients. We provide competitive quality and reasonably priced aluminum profiles.
Satisfaction of our customers is one of our top priorities. We are committed to providing best services through:

Because of the typical nature of White Aluminium Extrusion products in addition to the booming success of construction industry, most customers

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