Quality Control


White Aluminum Extrusion produces high quality products a day, all of which go through our Quality Control Department’s meticulous inspection process. The Quality Control Department checks all features of each profile, making sure that every extrusion order that we produced is of the highest value. It is up to this department to guarantee that all orders meet both the standards of our customers, as well as the standards of the aluminium industry. Except for ensuring that White Aluminum Extrusion’s profiles are in good condition, the Quality Control Department also secures the quality of the materials used, as well as the prompt processing of all orders. No matter how many customized specifications a client’s wants, the Quality Control Department makes sure that all available dies, both custom and standard, are kept in excellent condition. Shapes are checked for dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, contour, and how well they meet customers’ requirements

For powder coated profiles, the thickness of the paint layers, their ability to adhere to the products, and their color accuracy are tested. All customers’ orders undergo the thorough process of quality inspection before delivery
White Aluminum Extrusion's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction began in 2007, when our company was founded. It is this commitment that allows us to sustain and improve the products and services we provide our clients. Although quality inspection is a meticulous and rigorous process, it has always been our goal to meet or exceed the customer's expectations, as well as our own.
The quality of work and a constant interaction with the customers are key factors behind our success. Our teams are fully trained to dedicate their best to the need of our customers.



The Management of White Aluminum Extrusion is committed and dedicated not only to maintain but to enhance the total satisfaction of its valued customers through:

  • Commitment to provide value as per the requirement of customer and carry out continual improvement both in product and service at all levels and the effectiveness of Quality Management System.
  • Maintaining the leading position in the market in terms of design, latest manufacturing technology and high quality standards of our product to meet the required specifications in conformity to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Meeting the Statutory and Regulatory Requirements.

Our Guiding Principles to achieve the above commitments are based on:

  • Dedicated teamwork of motivated, skilled and competent team
  • Maintaining and developing unique and long-term relationship with our valued customers and suppliers
  • Training of staff at all levels to enhance professionalism and growth
  • We are also committed to protect the interest of the society and environment while carrying out activities